Final Project Report

Multimedia & Human Computer Interaction

Construct 2 Final Project

Game Name: Mathematical Space War


Mathematical Space War is a game inteded for children to learn about mathematics in the most enjoyable and educative way. The game has features questions about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This game is constructed on Construct 2, but the sprites are mostly edited with Adobe Photoshop and some are taken from the internet.



In this game, at first you will realize songs/audio to engage the entertainment aspects of the children playing it. Moreover, there is mute and unmute button if the player wishes to turn off or on the sound while playing. In addition, there is background with eye-catching characters with animation to engage the children to dive into the game. In every levels of the game, there will be spaceships shooting everytime answers submitted, either correct or wrong.


How to play:

When you first start the game, there will be 3 options: Play, Quit, and Reset Progress. The Play button will direct you to the level choices page. The Quit button will close the tab of the game. The Reset Progress button will reset all the high scores in all the levels.

Second page of the game will direct you to Level choices page. In this page there are 5 choices: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Bonus Round. Bonus round is intended for more advanced users so the questions will be the combination of all 4 operations of mathematics. The left arrow button on the top left of the page will redirect you back to the first page as explained in last paragraph. You will also notice the characters in the background will also have animations. On the top right of the page, there is sound button if you wish turn on or off the sound as you please during the game.

In every level, there are quite same display. You will start with 3 lives and for every wrong answer you make, the lives will be reduced until 0. And there is animation of your spaceship to be shot. You have to answer every questions asked and press submit to check if you get the correct answer or not.

If you get correct answer, your spaceship will shoot a bullet to an enemy spaceship animation and also the correct sign. There are also feature of whenever you break the current high score, the high score text will turn the text into red. Moreover, the submit button will also be gone and replaced by next button to allow you to get to the next question.

If you get the wrong answer the bullet will be pointed at your spaceship and the lives will decrease. The wrong sign will also be shown. And you need to re-enter the new answer.

At 0 lives, you don’t get the chance to answer anymore. And the submit button will be destroyed and replaced by restart button. At the same time, your spaceship will be destroyed ( shown by spark on the bottom right of the picture above ).

If you don’t wish to go this level anymore, you can press the top middle button and you will be directed to the pause page (shown in the picture below).


Assets References:


MainMenu Background:


List of Levels Background:


Levels Background:










Back Button:


Mute Button:


Unmute Button:


Operations Cartoon Characters:


Owl Cartoon Character:


Player’s Spaceship:


Enemy Spaceship:


Minigame Background:


Tick Mark:


Wrong Mark:



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